The Wall - 1:20 scale model   Spring 2011 - University of Waterloo Graduate Studio Final - Minimum Dwelling Group Project:  Elie Bourget, Jamie Ferreira, Andrea Murphy  Project duration: 5 weeks
  Garden Suite D767   Spring 2011 - University of Waterloo Graduate Studio Assignment - Minimum Dwelling  Project duration: 10 days - design & model
  Galt Community Centre   Spring 2010 - University of Waterloo Comprehensive Studio - Interfaith Chapel *Qualifying Term   Project duration: 2 Months
  Lens Mill Redevelopment - Hespeler, Ont  Winter 2011 - University of Waterloo   Urban Renewal  - Urban Intervention  Project duration: 1 Month
  Details    Fall 2010 - University of Waterloo Building Envelope Science  Project duration: 3 weeks
  Neighborhood Refresh - Pilot Project  Spring 2012  -  Volunteer Design   The pilot project for Neighborhood Refresh consists of a building-envelope retrofit for an aging OCH apartment building in Lowertown.  Various contingency designs were produced in anticipation of budget changes as the organization proceeds to seek funds and corporate donations. 
  Multi-unit Residential Building   Spring 2007 - Carleton University - Studio 4A Comprehensive Studio  Project duration: 3 Months